If You Like Tassel Ridge Wines, We Invite You to Join the Tassel Ridge Harvest Club!

In a nutshell, Harvest Club members receive a shipment of two bottles of wine four times a year. Each Harvest Club shipment has a pre-determined selection of two dry wines, two sweet wines, or one of each.

Harvest Club Selections

Members will be notified by mail or e-mail about upcoming Harvest Club selections and can choose to pick up their wine on Club Member Release Weekends or have the wine shipped to them. Each shipment includes two selected dry wines or two selected sweet wines or the “can’t decide” choice includes one of the selected dry wines and one of the selected sweet wines. A member just has to choose “On the Dry Side” or “On the Sweet Side” or “Can’t Decide!”

On the Dry Side selection is great for individuals that like semi-sweet to dry wines that pair well with food. For example, the third shipment in 2016 included: 2013 Iowa St. Croix Rosé and Iowa Candleglow® White. The fourth shipment in 2016 included: 2016 Iowa Nouveau and American Merlot.



On the Sweet Side selection is perfect for sweet and fruit wine lovers. These wines are great for sipping and many pair well with or can be served as dessert. For example, the third shipment in 2016 included: Red, White, & Blue® (special 10th anniversary label) and Oskyfizzante® Cranberry. The fourth shipment in 2016 included: Rockets Glare Rosé® and Cranberry Wine.



Can’t Decide! selection means one bottle from On the Dry Side and one bottle from On the Sweet Side. For example, the third shipment in 2016 included: Oskyfizzante® Cranberry and Iowa Candleglow® White. The fourth shipment in 2016 included: Cranberry Wine and 2016 Iowa Nouveau. 



Harvest Club Membership Benefits

  • Members who choose to come to Tassel Ridge Winery and pick up their wine will receive a free glass of wine.
  • Invitation to special Members Only events.
  • Members receive special discount on re-orders for 60 days after shipment.
  • Shipments include tasting notes, wine and food pairing recommendations, and/or recipes.
  • Members receive discounts on Tassel Ridge Winery events.
  • Members have special access to wines before their release to the general public.
  • There is no membership fee—a member only pays the cost of the wine and shipping (membership can be cancelled at any time). Cost per typical shipment is $30-40 (excluding shipping).

Give a Gift Membership

For the friend or family member who is hard to shop for, may we suggest a Harvest Club Gift Membership? Purchase a gift membership(s) for two shipments, four shipments (one year), or longer. Fill out the membership application, indicate it’s for a gift, and the wine will be sent, along with a gift card with the first shipment.

Category : Harvest Club Corner Posted on March 13, 2017

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