Action in the Cellar

Work in the Cellar Includes Planning to Assure We Will Have Enough of Each Wine to Meet Demand

Last week, our cellar team bottled American Pink Catawba. It has tropical fruit notes and a mouth-feel and finish that make this wine very satisfying. The work in the cellar is not all wine making and bottling. At this time of year, we experience a seasonal pick-up in wholesale wine sales. Lew, our Cellar Technician, […]

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Lots of Red, White, & Blue® is Being Made and Bottled to Get Ready for Spring Demand

Our cellar staff is making lots of Red, White, & Blue® and other wines that are very popular in the spring. Each week, another batch is bottled. Last week, we made a change in our bottling schedule and bottled our Iowa Prairie Snow® iced wine. Speaking of Iowa Prairie Snow, we hosted guests from Ontario, Canada last […]

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Cellar Team Bottled Iowa Prairie Snow® and Red, White, & Blue® and Managed Fermentations of Two Different Wines

Last week the cellar team bottled Iowa Prairie Snow and this week they will bottle another batch of Red, White, & Blue. They are also managing fermentations of more juice for future batches of Red, White, & Blue and Blackberry Wine. The cellar team reinstalled the waste water treatment lagoon aerators and did lots of […]

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We Received Concord Juice This Week and Started Another Batch of Red, White, & Blue®

Our big task this week is to receive a new batch of Concord juice, get it up to fermentation temperature, and then start the fermentation. In addition, we are engaged in some spring cleaning in our vineyard building behind the Winery. And, we have the usual seasonal maintenance tasks, including getting our aerators installed in […]

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Red, White, & Blue® Bottling is Now Our Focus

Last week the cellar team bottled Red, White, & Blue and will bottle an additional batch this week. Our cross flow filter is still producing great results, but it is running slower than in the recent past. We are gathering information on how to fix it. We are also working on details that are essential […]

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Our Cellar Crew Bottled Star Spangled White®

The cellar team bottled 772 cases of Star Spangled White®, our very popular sweet wine.  This wine has prominent pineapple and tropical fruit flavors. We detected some spice notes on the nice, long finish this year. About ten days ago, Jonita, our Cellar Specialist, conducted a white wine blending event for members of the Harvest Club. Everyone […]

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Winemaking and Bottling are the Focus of Our Cellar Team

Last week, the cellar team started another batch of Red, White, & Blue®. They also racked our American Steuben off yeast. That means that the Steuben was moved from the tank it was fermented in to another clean tank. The remaining sediment at the bottom of the fermentation tank was washed out and the fermentation tank […]

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Star Spangled White® Bottled Last Week

We bottled about 650 cases of Star Spangled White® last week. This wine is very well balanced and the pineapple and pear that is common to Edelweiss comes through on the nose. The cellar is especially clean at this time, so the cellar team took advantage of the nice weather last week to begin cleaning […]

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Fining, Racking, and Bottling Occupy Cellar Team

The cellar team fined a large batch of Concord wine and we expect to rack it on February 24. That means that the wine will be moved from one tank to another, leaving behind any sediments, dead yeast cells, etc. The tank we fined the wine in will be carefully cleaned and readied for another batch […]

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Cellar is Focused on Bottling in the Winter

We bottled 2016 Iowa White Blossom on February 1. The 2016 vintage is very fruit forward and it filled the cellar with tropical and citrus fruit aromas. The 2016 Iowa White Blossom is a reminder that Mother Nature has a lot to contribute to how flavorful our wines really are. Our Edelweiss vines are maturing and […]

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