Action in the Cellar

We Bottle Our Last Red, White, & Blue® For the Year This Week

Last week, we received blackberry and cranberry juice. We started the fermentations on Friday and will be monitoring the fermentations this week. Both of these wines ferment more slowly than grape juice and cranberry is especially slow. We are preparing for our last Red, White, & Blue bottling of the year on Wednesday. We will […]

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We will Bottle a Double Batch of Red, White, & Blue® and Get Other Wines Ready for Bottling

Our cellar team will get a double batch of Red, White, & Blue ready for bottling on Wednesday. This involves adding sugar and filtering the wine. This will be the last wine we will filter using our borrowed filter. Then, we will get it packed up and on the truck for the trip back to […]

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It is All About Bottling in the Cellar

Last week, we organized help from throughout the Winery and bottled what may be a one-day record amount of Red, White, & Blue®. It was made possible by a team effort from everyone involved. We also used the large filter we borrowed and that made fast work of filtering. This week, we will filter Red, […]

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We are Bottling Lots of Wine; Cross Flow Filter is Now Fixed

The Cellar bottled Cranberry Wine last week and will try to bottle a double batch of Red, White, & Blue® next week. We normally keep our bottling runs to about 650 cases which takes about five hours. With two hours of cleaning before bottling and two hours after the bottling run, that is about the […]

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We are Filtering with a Borrowed Cross Flow Filter and Will Be Bottling Regularly Again

We’ve borrowed a cross-flow filter that we will use until the replacement parts arrive for our own filter in early July. The borrowed filter is much bigger and faster than our own filter, so we having to make numerous adjustments in how we operate it. This week, we will filter Red, White, & Blue® on […]

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We Are Racking and Transferring Wine to Free Up Tank Space for Blending While We Wait to Get Our Filter Operational

We’ve borrowed a cross flow filter that we hope to have operational within the next week or two. It is double the size of our filter, so we’re having to make some electrical changes to accommodate it. We have ordered a new pump for our own filter. However, we don’t have a definite delivery date […]

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Cellar Team Bottles Edelweiss This Week, Star Spangled White® Next Week

The Cellar Team will bottle Edelweiss on Thursday. Because this bottle is taller and thinner than our regular bottles, we must change the feed screws, star wheels, and related guides to accommodate the “Hoch” bottle. This takes about four man-hours to change, and then, after the run, we have to change it back so we […]

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We Pressed Iowa Prairie Snow® Last Week

Last week, we pressed our Iowa Prairie Snow®. We’d harvested the grapes right at the beginning of harvest starting August 2, 2017 and then took them to a locker for freezing. We left them at the locker until we could take a day or two to press them. We use our basket press which we […]

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Cellar Team Presses Frozen Grapes for Iowa Prairie Snow®

This week, the cellar team pressed the frozen grapes to start making Iowa Prairie Snow®. We hand-harvested them early in August and sent them to a locker to be frozen. We brought them back to Tassel Ridge on Friday. The grapes partially thawed and then were pressed in our basket press on Tuesday. We get […]

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We Harvested Our Last Grapes and Have Shifted to Fermentation Management

The Cellar Team has one more grape variety, Steuben, to crush. Steuben is a labrusca sport that is native to New England. It is usually the last grape we harvest each year. We really like the juice it produces because it makes a very popular wine that goes especially well with spicy foods. But, Steuben […]

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