Action in the Cellar

Cellar Team Starts and Monitors Fermentations

The Cellar Team is now starting fermentations as soon as juice gets up to about 50–60°F. It takes some time to actually mix the yeast nutrients and yeast so only a couple of fermentations are started each day. Then, the sugar levels and tank temperatures are monitored daily to make sure that the fermentation is […]

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Crushing Continues and Fermentations are Being Started

The cellar crew is focused on crushing grapes as they come in from the vineyards. The remaining white grapes will be destemmed, crushed, and pressed. The juice is pumped to receiving tanks where it is allowed to settle for 3–4 days before we increase juice temperature and start to ferment. Our rosés are made in […]

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Crushing, Cold Settling, and Starting Fermentations Occupies Our Cellar Team

The cellar team starts their mornings very early to assure that the fruit is cool when it arrives at the crush pad. Fortunately, the bees and little bugs sleep in, so by starting early, we can avoid most of these headaches. LaCrosse is one grape we’ve already harvested. The LaCrosse we’ve grown in our vineyards […]

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Cellar Team Crushed Brianna Last Week, Plans to Crush LaCrosse and Edelweiss This Week

Last Tuesday, the Cellar Team crushed and pressed 14.6 tons of Brianna. About 1/3 was grown at Tassel Ridge and the rest was purchased from local growers. It was the best Brianna we’ve ever crushed. Aromas and flavors were outstanding. They expect to start the fermentation this week. They plan to crush and press the […]

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Brianna was First Machine-Harvested Grape Last Week; LaCrosse and Edelweiss will Follow This Week

After hand-harvesting some Brianna, St. Pepin, and La Crescent last week and the week before, the harvest really got started last Tuesday with machine harvesting of Brianna. This was some of the best Brianna we’ve ever tasted. And, the total quantity was astounding: 8 tons per acre. Normally, we’ve gotten 2–3 tons per acre. The […]

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Cellar Team is Ready for Harvested Grapes

Sometime this week, machine harvested grapes will start to arrive at the Winery. If the grapes will be used to make a white or rosé wine, they will be crushed and then pressed. The juice will be pumped into tanks for fermentation. If the grapes will be used to make a red wine, they will […]

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Cellar Team is Getting Ready for Harvest

In the two to three weeks that remain before harvest, the cellar crew works hard to finish up any remaining bottling, get the cellar spic and span, and then do any preventative maintenance on cellar equipment that will be used during harvest. This week, we will be bottling one of the last Red, White, & […]

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Fermenting, Carbonation, Fining, Filtration, and Bottling: Wine Making Continues

We received more Concord and Catawba juice last week and started fermentations. The cellar crew transferred Cranberry Wine to the carbonation tank to begin the process of preparing the wine for carbonation. This will become this year’s batch of Oskyfizzante® Cranberry. The cellar staff is fining the 2014 Iowa Marquette and also the Iowa Cuvée […]

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The Cellar Team Worked on Several Very Popular Wines

Our cellar team started fermentation on several batches of Concord that we will use in making Red, White, & Blue®. Last week they bottled Iowa Candleglow® Red. This wine is very fruity and it offers a wide range of different flavors on the palate with a great finish. Over the weekend, we carbonated Oskyfizzante® Red […]

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The Cellar Team Prepares Several Wines for Bottling

Last week, we bottled Sweet Roxie Red™, a fruity rosé wine with a wonderful aroma. This is one of the most popular wines at Tassel Ridge Winery. They prepared the Candleglow® Red for bottling this week. It offers distinctive plum aromas with a long finish. We blended a new sweet red wine that we will […]

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