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The Vineyard Crew is Working Hard to Get All Short Pruning Done

Our vineyard crew is working at flank speed short pruning vines. That leaves us very exposed if we have a hard frost. But, while the buds are swelling, we have not gotten to bud-break yet. The vines come out of dormancy in a consistent manner with sap flowing up into the trunk and cordons as […]

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Work in the Cellar Includes Planning to Assure We Will Have Enough of Each Wine to Meet Demand

Last week, our cellar team bottled American Pink Catawba. It has tropical fruit notes and a mouth-feel and finish that make this wine very satisfying. The work in the cellar is not all wine making and bottling. At this time of year, we experience a seasonal pick-up in wholesale wine sales. Lew, our Cellar Technician, […]

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Vineyard Pruning Along with Spraying of Fungicide and Herbicide Continues

Last week’s wet weather allowed work in the vineyard on just two days. However, we got one of our four vineyards sprayed with Sulforix and more of the long pruning complete. This week, we will mechanically prune all of the Tassel Ridge vineyard. We’ll continue spraying herbicide under the vines and will use our Weed […]

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Long Pruning Continues While Weed Removal and Sulfur Spraying Continue as Weather Permits

The vineyard crew continues to long-prune, remove weeds with the weed badger, and spray herbicide under the vines, all while working around the weather. They will also start spraying sulfur on the trunks and cordons of the vines as soon as it dries out a bit. In addition, there is continual maintenance. This week we […]

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We Continue with Mechanical Pruning

The weather last week was not conducive to much outdoor work. Nonetheless, we made progress in long pruning Frontenac, St. Croix, and Marquette at both Newport Lane and Meadowcreek. This week, we will tighten the trellis wires at Tassel Ridge and then start mechanical pruning. We will also start a major effort at cleaning up […]

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Better Weather This Week Allows Time for Catch-up

Last week’s weather made for challenging times in the vineyard. Temperatures were high enough only by Thursday to permit much work to be started. And, because the vineyard was still pretty wet, we couldn’t use any heavy equipment, so all work was done manually. So, this week, the vineyard crew will get the Marquette long […]

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Pruning Starts Up Slowly

The vineyard crew finished long pruning and tying all of the vines in our Maple Woods vineyard last week. Next week, they will work on one block of Edelweiss at Tassel Ridge to get it long pruned and tied up on the trellis. We are “long pruning” at this point. What this means is that we focus […]

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Vineyard Team is Assembling to Start Pruning on February 27

Adam, our Vineyard Manager, is getting the final maintenance tasks taken care of. He is also hand pruning the new Maple Woods vineyard so that the trunks are straight and each vine has two arms at the high wire. This is particularly important because we will start machine pruning these vines as early as 2018 and […]

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Final Maintenance Jobs are Being Completed Before Pruning Starts February 27

Adam, our Vineyard Manager, is getting the final maintenance tasks done now before we start pruning on February 27. That includes work on some equipment (there is always something that needs attention) like electrical pruners, fixing a leaking cylinder on our harvester, repairing (or maybe replacing) the dash display on one of our tractors, and […]

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Improvements for the Vineyard Being Implemented in 2017

Our Vineyard Manager, Adam Nunnikhoven, is working on implementing several improvements for our vineyard operations in 2017. We are trying out a tying machine that will be used on the vines. It applies a bio-degradable tie that secures the vine for a year or two without risking girdling the trunk or cane. We want to […]

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