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Tassel Ridge is Looking for Ambassadors to Conduct Wine Tastings in Our Retailers

Tassel Ridge Winery is looking for Ambassadors to conduct two to three tastings per week at our retailers. The training of our Ambassadors starts with a 4-hour training session at the Winery and continues with two actual tastings conducted under the leadership of one of our sales reps or an experienced Ambassador. After the training, the Ambassadors […]

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Outdoor Work is Nearly Done for 2016, Planning for 2017 Becomes the Focus

Vineyard work is now focused on planning for next year. This includes developing the vineyard plan and budget for 2017, getting chemicals ordered, ordering vineyard post signs, updating the Safety Data Sheet File, and updating procedures for our quality system. We have a bit more herbicide to apply and some equipment to maintain, but otherwise, […]

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Bottling is Now the Objective of the Cellar Team

The cellar team is still fining some of our white wines to get them stabilized and ready to bottle. Prelude is now blended. It has subtle aromas and a big fruity finish on the palate. Rockets Glare Rosé® has also been blended and we are starting to cold stabilize it this week. Iowa Prairie Snow® […]

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Vineyard Crew Using Weed Badger to Remove Weeds

We are using our Weed Badger to mechanically remove weeds in our vineyards. This is a slow process, but the combination of mechanically removing weeds and then applying a pre-emergent will help us reduce the size and vigor of weeds in the vineyards next year. Our vineyard crew is finishing up routine equipment maintenance, cleanup, […]

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Cellar Team Begins Bottling 2016 Wine

We bottled the 2016 Iowa Nouveau last week. This is our first wine of the season. It is very fruity with cherry, blackberry, and a bit of plum. The color is garnet or brick red. The wine is smooth on the palate while still crisp. Plan to drink this wine while it is fresh and […]

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More Autumn Maintenance Gets Vineyards Ready for Winter

We need to blow our irrigation system so water doesn’t freeze in the lines when it gets cold. We continue to replace broken posts in the vineyard and we found some more mulberry trees in our Marquette vineyard that we dug up. We will winterize our Hagie sprayer, but when we were doing our preventative […]

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Autumn Maintenance Gets Vineyards Ready for Winter

While we wait for all vines to go into dormancy, we are finishing up our autumn maintenance tasks. We got the last fungicide spray done last week and now we have to clean, wash, and re-paint the Hagie vineyard sprayer as well as do our regular autumn preventative maintenance. We continue to replace broken posts […]

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Bottling Starts This Week; Other Cellar Work Focuses on Getting White Wines Ready to Bottle

The first wine we will bottle this season is Oskyfizzante® Pink. This wine was made last spring but we ran out of time to bottle it before harvest started. This wine is bursting with flavor and the color is brilliant. We began carbonation last week and will begin bottling this week. We are cold stabilizing […]

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Recent Frost Sends Vines into Winter Dormancy

It is amazing what a little frost can do to a vineyard in October. Depending on the variety, age of the vines, exact location in the vineyard, and how cold it gets and for how long, one frost is enough to send vines into winter dormancy. What that means is that the sap in the […]

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All Fermentations are Now Complete; 2016 Iowa Nouveau is the Next Priority

The cellar team has now finished all of the fermentations. They are shifting their attention to making the final blend on the 2016 Iowa Nouveau and getting some of the white wines ready for bottling in November. They will also be bottling Oskyfizzante® Pink. This is a time-consuming process because we use a four spout […]

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