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We are Filtering with a Borrowed Cross Flow Filter and Will Be Bottling Regularly Again

We’ve borrowed a cross-flow filter that we will use until the replacement parts arrive for our own filter in early July. The borrowed filter is much bigger and faster than our own filter, so we having to make numerous adjustments in how we operate it. This week, we will filter Red, White, & Blue® on […]

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Vineyard Crew is Finishing Up Pruning, Starting Trellis Maintenance

The vineyard staff has about 26,000 of 38,000 vines pruned. All pruning now is final pruning. The chances of a hard freeze yet this spring are dropping every day. Nonetheless, we are keeping our eyes open to the possibility of a freeze. We have vines at Newport Lane and Meadowcreek to prune. We will start […]

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Final Short Pruning is Underway in Three Vineyards, Vines Coming Out of Dormancy

We will short prune vines at Meadowcreek and Newport Lane. Spraying lime-sulfur on our dormant vines is a stinky (rotten eggs) job that we do annually and are starting this week. And we will be mulching up the Tassel Ridge vineyard. We now have all 38,000 of our vines machine pruned and only short pruning […]

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We Are Racking and Transferring Wine to Free Up Tank Space for Blending While We Wait to Get Our Filter Operational

We’ve borrowed a cross flow filter that we hope to have operational within the next week or two. It is double the size of our filter, so we’re having to make some electrical changes to accommodate it. We have ordered a new pump for our own filter. However, we don’t have a definite delivery date […]

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Vineyard Crew Dodges the Rain Drops and Makes Good Progress Pruning

The vineyard crew is making good progress cleaning out long canes and dead wood in the Edelweiss and Sabrevois at Tassel Ridge. They hope the weather will allow them to finish this week. They will mechanically prune the rest of the vineyards next. Most people I talk to are ready for warmer weather. But, it […]

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Pruning Progressing on Schedule

This week, we will continue to clean out the canes we have cut with the mechanical pruner in our Edelweiss and Sabrevois at Tassel Ridge. We have about 20 acres or 11,000 vines of these grape varieties so this project is taking some time. So far, we’ve gotten the nine acres of Marquette long pruned […]

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Fizzy Wines are Very Popular from Christmas through Valentine’s Day

Fizzy wines with bubbles in them get included in many celebrations from Christmas through Valentine’s Day each year. For many people, these wines are all lumped into what they call Champagne. But, there are many different types of fizzy wines and are sold under different names. Naming is sometimes a legal distinction and other times […]

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Check Out the Tassel Ridge App!

Check out the new Tassel Ridge Winery app! It’s free and available on both iTunes and Google Play. This app can help you find the retail locations of your favorite wine(s). You can also check to see when wine and food events are happening at Tassel Ridge! To find this free app: Explore the Tassel […]

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We Continue to Remove Vines for Two New York Grape Varieties and Cabernet Franc from Tassel Ridge Vineyard

About ten years ago, we planted about 60 vines each of two different grape varieties developed by the Geneva Research Station in Upstate New York and also about 60 Cabernet Franc, the most cold hardy vinifera or temperate climate grape variety out there. The New York varieties survived and produced fruit, however it was always […]

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We Pressed Iowa Prairie Snow® Last Week

Last week, we pressed our Iowa Prairie Snow®. We’d harvested the grapes right at the beginning of harvest starting August 2, 2017 and then took them to a locker for freezing. We left them at the locker until we could take a day or two to press them. We use our basket press which we […]

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