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Vineyard Crew Finishes Up Short Pruning Vines This Week and Gets Ready to Start Planting New Vines

The Vineyard Crew is finishing up the short pruning of Sabrevois, St. Croix, St. Pepin, and LaCrosse. They will start mowing in order to cut up the wood that has been pruned from the vines and to clean up the rapidly growing grass. They will also continue spraying fungicide. They will be planting 4,000 new vines this […]

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Cellar Team Bottled American Steuben Last Week

The cellar team bottled 210 cases of 2016 American Steuben last week. This wine has nice fruity notes of watermelon and crabapple with a touch of cinnamon on the finish. American Steuben is made entirely from Steuben grapes. Steuben is a “sport” or randomly occurring natural cross in a Vitis labrusca vineyard. Native to New […]

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Last Week We Bottled Oskyfizzante® Cranberry, the Hard Way!

Last week, the cellar team bottled Oskyfizzante Cranberry. This is a carbonated wine that has a rosy color in the glass and a wonderful cranberry note on the nose. The “fizzies” are bottled by hand and this is definitely not a process for the faint of heart or weak of arm. The carbonated wines can […]

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Join the Tassel Ridge Harvest Club!

Harvest Club members receive a shipment of two bottles of wine four times a year. Each Harvest Club shipment has a pre-determined selection of two dry wines, two sweet wines, or one of each. Harvest Club Selections Members will be notified by mail or e-mail about upcoming Harvest Club selections and can choose to pick […]

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Creating Quality Tassel Ridge® Wines

Usually most anything worthwhile has a “back story” with a lot of behind-the-scenes effort happening. Quality wines at Tassel Ridge Winery are no exception. When growing the grapes that produce the wines, one of the first actions in the growing process involves pruning. “Vines are pruned to encourage quality grapes and support a healthy vine,” […]

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Vineyard Crew Working to Get Pruning Done This Week

The vineyard crew is working hard to finish short pruning at Tassel Ridge this week. Given the weather forecast, they will be working between storms. All varieties are starting to leaf out. Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t have a hard freeze now. Assuming they can finish at Tassel Ridge vineyard, they will also […]

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Cellar Bottled Iowa Candleglow® White Last Week and Oskyfizzante® Cranberry This Week

The Cellar Team bottled Iowa Candleglow White last week. This is our new dry white blend that is growing in popularity. This week we will bottle Oskyfizzante Cranberry. This is a seasonal wine that we will put on sale in October. We are fermenting a batch of Red, White, & Blue® and the Blackberry Wine […]

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The Vineyard Crew is Working Hard to Get All Short Pruning Done

Our vineyard crew is working at flank speed short pruning vines. That leaves us very exposed if we have a hard frost. But, while the buds are swelling, we have not gotten to bud-break yet. The vines come out of dormancy in a consistent manner with sap flowing up into the trunk and cordons as […]

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Vineyard Pruning Along with Spraying of Fungicide and Herbicide Continues

Last week’s wet weather allowed work in the vineyard on just two days. However, we got one of our four vineyards sprayed with Sulforix and more of the long pruning complete. This week, we will mechanically prune all of the Tassel Ridge vineyard. We’ll continue spraying herbicide under the vines and will use our Weed […]

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Lots of Red, White, & Blue® is Being Made and Bottled to Get Ready for Spring Demand

Our cellar staff is making lots of Red, White, & Blue® and other wines that are very popular in the spring. Each week, another batch is bottled. Last week, we made a change in our bottling schedule and bottled our Iowa Prairie Snow® iced wine. Speaking of Iowa Prairie Snow, we hosted guests from Ontario, Canada last […]

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