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Fruit is Developing Fast in Our Vineyards

Flowering on the vines is about done and now on some varieties, we have actual grapes that are getting bigger by the day. So far, while we haven’t received much rain, we’ve also dodged the bullet with damaging hail. It is looking to be a good season. The tasks this week will include spraying of […]

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The Vineyard Crew Will Try Leaf Removal This Week for First Time

In the vineyards, the big job this week is to get our new leaf removal system mounted on a tractor and ready for a tryout. Now, you might wonder why we’d want to remove leaves when we are so dependent on them for the photosynthesis that feeds the grape and grapevine development. There is research […]

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We Will Plant a Few Late Arriving New Vines This Week

We have some Foch rooted cuttings scheduled to arrive early this week. We will plant them as soon as they arrive. We will also be installing grow tubes and pencil rods on newly planted vines at Newport Lane. Our Marquette is growing on a vertical shoot positioned trellis and now is the time of year […]

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A Photo Taken at Tassel Ridge Included in ISU Wine Grower Newsletter

A photo of a bird’s nest nestled among some of the Edelweiss vines was recently included in the May ISU Wine Grower News newsletter.  

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Vineyard Crew Planted about 3,000 Vines Last Week

The vineyard crew planted about 3,000 new vines last week. The biggest plantings were at Tassel Ridge and Maple Woods where we planted Petite Pearl, more Brianna, and more St. Pepin. We also planted Foch at Newport Lane. This week, we expect to receive about 55 vines each of Itasca and Verona which we will […]

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Award-Winning Wines from Tassel Ridge® Winery

Tassel Ridge Winery was awarded six medals in the recent Finger Lakes International Wine Competition. Here are the wines that won recognition: 2013 Iowa St. Croix Rosé—Silver Medal Iowa Candleglow® White—Silver Medal Iowa In the Dark—Bronze Medal Rockets Glare Rosé®—Bronze Medal Iowa Marquette—Bronze Medal Iowa Brianna—Bronze Medal Held in March in Rochester, New York, the […]

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Vine Planting Starts This Week

The vineyard crew started planting vines at Maple Woods on Monday. This involves drilling a 12-inch diameter hole about four feet deep with an auger. The person doing the planting kneels down and partially fills the hole with the dirt. He or she sets the extensive root system on top of the loosely pack dirt […]

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We Bottled More Oskyfizzante® Cranberry

The cellar team bottled 150 cases of Oskyfizzante® Cranberry last week. We do this bottling the old-fashioned, labor intensive way with a short assembly line. The first person rinses each bottle. The second puts the rinsed bottle in the four-spout counter-pressure filler and then removes each bottle as it is filled. The third puts the bottle […]

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4,000 Rooted Cuttings Arrive This Week for This Year’s Planting

We expect to receive 4,000 rooted cuttings this week. Some are replacements for vines that died or developed other problems. We are adding to our Foch plantings and have removed Frontenac to provide space for them. We have more Frontenac than we need. About 2/3 of these vines will be used in new vineyard rows. […]

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Vineyard Crew Finishes Up Short Pruning Vines This Week and Gets Ready to Start Planting New Vines

The Vineyard Crew is finishing up the short pruning of Sabrevois, St. Croix, St. Pepin, and LaCrosse. They will start mowing in order to cut up the wood that has been pruned from the vines and to clean up the rapidly growing grass. They will also continue spraying fungicide. They will be planting 4,000 new vines this […]

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