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Vineyard Staff Starts to Irrigate Vines

The vineyard staff has been watching the well-established vines to make sure they are getting enough moisture. For the most part, they have well-established root systems so that irrigation is not necessary immediately. Younger vines that are 3–5 years old may not yet have fully established root systems and we are starting to irrigate them. […]

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We are Bottling Lots of Red, White, & Blue®

We will focus on bottling Red, White, & Blue® each week for the next several weeks. We also have a batch of Oskyfizzante® Pink to label. Normally wine is labeled as we bottle it. The fizzy wines, however, are bottled at low temperatures in order to keep the carbonation from escaping into the air. Cold […]

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Veraison Starts with Marquette and Brianna

Veraison is that much-anticipated event each year when the red grapes start to change from milky green to red/purple and the white grapes change from a milky green to a translucent amber. All grapes become softer to the touch. The acid in the grapes starts to decline at this time also. Veraison tells us that […]

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New Leaf Thinner

Our new leaf thinner handles both sides of a 500 foot row in about 3 minutes. The theory (which is as yet unproven) is that sunlight on the grapes will reduce the acid, develop the phenolics, and improve the flavor of the juice.

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We Invite You to Join the Tassel Ridge Harvest Club!

Harvest Club members receive a shipment of two bottles of wine four times a year. Each Harvest Club shipment has a pre-determined selection of two dry wines, two sweet wines, or one of each. Harvest Club Selections Members will be notified by mail or e-mail about upcoming Harvest Club selections and can choose to pick […]

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Vineyard Crew Prepares First Harvest Estimates

This is the time of the season that we produce our first harvest estimates. We need these estimates to plan “crush” and to make sure we have enough tank space, enough of the right types of yeast, etc. This is a multi-step process, but the following provides a quick overview. The first estimate was prepared […]

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Fruit is Developing Fast in Our Vineyards

Flowering on the vines is about done and now on some varieties, we have actual grapes that are getting bigger by the day. So far, while we haven’t received much rain, we’ve also dodged the bullet with damaging hail. It is looking to be a good season. The tasks this week will include spraying of […]

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The Vineyard Crew Will Try Leaf Removal This Week for First Time

In the vineyards, the big job this week is to get our new leaf removal system mounted on a tractor and ready for a tryout. Now, you might wonder why we’d want to remove leaves when we are so dependent on them for the photosynthesis that feeds the grape and grapevine development. There is research […]

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We Will Plant a Few Late Arriving New Vines This Week

We have some Foch rooted cuttings scheduled to arrive early this week. We will plant them as soon as they arrive. We will also be installing grow tubes and pencil rods on newly planted vines at Newport Lane. Our Marquette is growing on a vertical shoot positioned trellis and now is the time of year […]

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A Photo Taken at Tassel Ridge Included in ISU Wine Grower Newsletter

A photo of a bird’s nest nestled among some of the Edelweiss vines was recently included in the May ISU Wine Grower News newsletter.  

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