Oskyfizzante® Iowa White—Serve It Chilled and Celebrate!

Oskyfizzante® Iowa White is a semi-sweet fizzy white wine that is made from Edelweiss grapes grown entirely at Tassel Ridge. It is available for tasting at the Winery. It offers hints of citrus and tropical fruit on the nose and palate. Serve it chilled and celebrate! Or, serve it with spicy Asian stir fry or […]

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Decorative Glass Can Be a Great Conversation Piece

Our new decorative large glass is great for corks or just to set at home as a conversation piece. Only $35 each.

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Enjoy Candleglow® White with Fish, Chicken, or Pork

Candleglow® White is a new, dry, fruity white wine from Tassel Ridge Winery that offers pineapple, pear, melon, and apricot notes with a green apple finish. You can serve it with fish, chicken, or lightly seasoned pork, or just sip it by itself. Candleglow® White is a blend made from La Crescent, Brianna, and Edelweiss […]

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Iowa Edelweiss is a Great Wine for Fall

Iowa Edelweiss wine from Tassel Ridge Winery is a great wine for fall. It is a fruity, semi-sweet white wine that offers orange, pear, and pineapple hints on both the nose and palate. It is great served chilled and simply sipped. And, it enhances spicy Asian stir fry or a traditional family dinner of glazed […]

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Enjoy Iowa White Blossom with Chicken, Fish, or Pork

Iowa White Blossom from Tassel Ridge Winery is a versatile, dry, white wine with unusual tropical fruit notes. It is made entirely from Edelweiss grapes grown in our vineyards at Tassel Ridge. Serve Iowa White Blossom well chilled with chicken, fish, or pork dishes. Chicken and fish served with a papaya salsa and Iowa White […]

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Grilling Goes Great with Iowa Marquette

As you plan your holiday weekend grilling, consider adding a dry red wine from Tassel Ridge Winery to complement your steak and sweet corn. Iowa Marquette is the perfect dry red to pair with grilled meats. It is a big wine with cherry, blackberry, and spice notes. It will make a great meal even better. […]

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Sangria Made with Tassel Ridge Wine: A Great Summer Treat

Simple…sweet…smooth…refreshing…fruity…summery… Enjoying a sangria is a wonderful way to embrace summer. A refreshing, wine-based drink, a sangria is an excellent way to cool down on a hot summer day. A fun feature of the sangria is that it’s versatile. We have sangria recipes that include red wines, white wines, and rosés (also called blush wines). […]

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Sweet Corn and Iowa Wine? Try Our American La Crescent with Iowa Sweet Corn

This time of year, I’ll make Iowa sweet corn the center of my supper and I’ll select my wine to complement the corn. Since corn is so sweet, the combination I like best is American La Crescent and sweet corn. The sweetness in the wine perfectly complements the sugar in the corn. So, while we […]

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Tassel Ridge® Sangria de Frutas

Ingredients: 1 cup cranberry-blueberry-blackberry juice ½ cup orange juice ¼ cup lime juice 1 bottle Tassel Ridge® Iowa Nouveau ¼ cup sugar, more or less to taste ⅓ cup blueberries ½ blood orange (or any orange), sliced 1 lime, sliced Directions: Put cranberry-blueberry-blackberry juice, orange juice, lime juice, Tassel Ridge Iowa Nouveau, and sugar in […]

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Dipping Oils Paired with Iowa Marquette Rosé and a Loaf of Sourdough French Bread are Ideal for Quick Entertaining

Treat your unexpected guests this summer to Iowa Marquette Rosé from Tassel Ridge Winery. Make it a special treat with the addition of a Tassel Ridge dipping oil and a warm loaf of sourdough French bread from your local grocery. The Iowa Marquette Rosé is a dry pink wine with raspberry, cherry, and strawberry notes […]

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