New App Now Available!

Explore Tassel Ridge® Winery on your phone! This free app is now available on iTunes and Google Play. Finding retail locations of your favorite wine(s) just became easier. Check out Tassel Ridge news and events, plus lots more.

To find this free app:

What you will find on the Tassel Ridge app:

  • Home —Information on Tassel Ridge Winery, including hours.
  • Wines—Find a list of all of the Tassel Ridge wines. Click on a specific wine and a description will appear. Click on the “Where to Buy?” button and, per your GPS location, discover retail locations nearest you that offer that wine.
  • News —Keep current with news relating to Tassel Ridge.
  • Recipes—Not sure what to have for dinner or dessert? Check out our recipes and the wine to pair with them! (Find them under News.)
  • Events—See the calendar of events—many different wine and food events happen at Tassel Ridge. Check out the details and plan to attend.
  • Shop—This is another place to locate retailers. Select a wine from the list and retail locations will appear.

Join us at Tassel Ridge Winery! Discover your favorite wine! Explore the new app! Attend one of the many special events!

Category : Featured Article &Newsletter Articles Posted on April 18, 2017

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