December 20, 2010

Tassel Ridge Gift Shop Offers One More Wine Gift Idea for People on Your Gift List

Purchase one or more Tassel Ridge Winery Gift Cards valued at $100 or more and get a $10 Gift Card free of charge. Use it yourself or give it as another gift.

Check out the Tassel Ridge web site for 65 other ideas of wine and wine-related gifts for almost everyone on your gift list this year. Prices range from less than $10 to $250+. Click here to see the entire list.

Tassel Ridge Wine Now Available in 12 Stores in Cedar Rapids Metro

In a visit late last week, the Fareway in Marion still had Prelude (which is generally out of stock until next spring) and Oskyfizzante® Red on the shelf.

Click here for a complete list of our retailers in the Greater Cedar Rapids area, complete with addresses. Scroll down to Cedar Rapids.

Serve Oskyfizzante® White, Red, or Pink At Your Holiday Parties

Serve an Iowa fizzy wine at your holiday parties this year. Tassel Ridge Oskyfizzante® White, Red, or Pink will address many taste profiles.

Oskyfizzante® White is the driest.

Oskyfizzante® Red is semi-sweet.

And, Oskyfizzante® Pink is the sweetest.

All have great fruit flavors that will make your holiday event especially festive.




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