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To order items from our gift shop, call the winery 641.672.WINE. For wine purchases, we ship within the state of Iowa and to other select states.

Gift Baskets with Wine

Looking for a perfect, easy-to-give gift? Look no further than our selection of gift baskets. We‹’ve assembled Tassel Ridge® wines and complementary gift items into a variety of themed baskets. Visit the winery to see the entire selection. (˜basket designs may vary™)

Wooden Gift Boxes of Wine

These gifts can include two, three, or 12 bottles of wine.  The two bottle box includes two Tassel Ridge Winery glasses. These wine boxes make a very classy and memorable gift. Prices depend on specific wines included but are in the $50–60 range for 2 and 3 bottle boxed gifts and $250 for the 12 bottle box. 

Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller

Have you ever been ready to serve guests, only to discover that you’d forgotten to chill the white and rosé wines you’d planned to pour? Just add ice to the Cooper Cooler, and chill a bottle down to 50ºF in 3.5 minutes or to 40ºF in 6 minutes. It will also chill pop and beer cans. The Cooper Cooler is perfect for parties or when you want that bottle of wine cooled for a nice afternoon on the deck. Available from stock for $90 plus tax.

DeLong’s Varietal Chart of Grape Varieties

How many grape varieties are you familiar with? This 24X36 inch chart organizes 184 varieties by acidity on one axis and body on the other. No matter how familiar you are with wine and the grapes it is made from, you will probably discover new varieties for the first time. Additional names for each variety are included along with places the grape is grown.

The DeLong’s Wine Chart belongs in any serious wine cellar and it makes the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast “who has everything!” Price rolled in a cardboard carton is: $25.


Tassel Ridge Winery Poster

The 2006 Tassel Ridge Winery Poster is a celebration of great wine photography. It is 23x 35.5 inches and is suitable for framing. This colorful poster features several bottles of Tassel Ridge Winery wine in a setting that suggests a picnic with an assortment of cheeses and bread. Warning: don’t look at this poster late in the afternoon. You WILL get hungry!

The 2006 Tassel Ridge Winery Poster will be a great addition to the wine cellar and will also work well in the dining room. Price rolled and ready for framing is: $8.



Tassel Ridge Winery Wine Notes

Here is the perfect place to keep notes on the wines you drink. The pages are about 4 X 6 inches and provide space for details on the wine AND your tasting notes and comments. A pen with an elastic strap is provided. This is a great gift for someone who is learning about the wines they like.

Price: $13


Wine Tasting Journal

This wine journal will help you keep track of the wines you sample, or it makes a perfect gift for both wine novices and wine experts on your list!

Price: $5




The World Atlas of Wine


by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson
This is the sixth edition (2007) of the book first published in 1971 by Mitchell Beazley. The introduction includes fascinating information about wine production, history, barrels, bottles, etc. The core of this book is the coverage of all of the world’s major wine production areas complete with outstanding maps and photos of each area. A great reference for the person who wants to be knowledgeable about wine.

Comprehensive wine book—400 pages
Price: $50


What to Drink With What You Eat


by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page
Copyright 2006. This is an exhaustive listing of foods and the wines that pair with them. It is perfect for the person who likes to entertain with wine and food.

Food and wine pairing book—356 pages
Price: $35



Wine Essentials


Copyright 2001. This book addresses the concepts of food and wine pairing with outstanding photography and graphics, as well as tables that make points clear and memorable. You will please the discriminating reader.

Le Cordon Bleu Institute book—192 pages
Price: $35



The Grapes Grow Sweet


(Children’s book) by Lynne Tuft
Copyright 1996. The author tells the story of the year in the vineyard from the perspective of a five year old, complemented with great illustrations.

Price: $19.95



The Wine Bible


by Karen MacNeil
Copyrite 2001. The title says it all. The author is an expert teacher and she addresses wine and food produced all over the world.

Price: $19.95



Iowa: Spaces, Places, Faces


This book is a virtual tour of Iowa. Turn the pages and methodically visit each of Iowa’s 99 counties. Tassel Ridge Winery is included.

Book of Iowa, all 99 counties highlighted—404 pages
Price: $38




California Wine Country, A Sunset Field Guide

Copyright 2007. The essential guide for the visitor to California wineries. Each section has a map, provides an annotated description of each winery, and then lists other things to do, restaurants, and lodging alternatives. This is a perfect gift for someone who is planning a visit to one of California’s wine regions.

Price: $19.95