2015 Iowa Nouveau is a light and fruity wine and it will complement most of the dishes served at Thanksgiving and other holiday dinners. Although it is dry, it offers so much fruit that many people who prefer a sweet wine find it very appealing.

The 2015 Iowa Nouveau does not have any oak ageing and it is all fruit with no tannins so it has very little ageing potential. It is intended to be consumed within the next few months. Normally, Tassel Ridge Winery sells out by the end of December.

2015 Iowa Nouveau is available at Tassel Ridge Winery (where you can taste before purchasing) and at 40–50 of our retailers statewide. If you don’t see it at your favorite retailer, ask the manager to get it for you.

2015 Iowa Nouveau is priced at $14.00 per 750 ml bottle, plus tax and bottle deposit.