We expect to receive 4,000 rooted cuttings this week. Some are replacements for vines that died or developed other problems. We are adding to our Foch plantings and have removed Frontenac to provide space for them. We have more Frontenac than we need. About 2/3 of these vines will be used in new vineyard rows. We installed the vineyard floor (essentially, it is lawn) and pounded the posts for the trellis last year so everything is ready for the rooted cuttings. We will be planting these cuttings in three of our four vineyards: Tassel Ridge, Maple Woods, and Newport Lane.

In addition to Foch, we are planting the following varieties:

  • Brianna (expansion)
  • St. Pepin (expansion)
  • Petite Pearl (expansion)
  • Verona (new 60-vine experiment)
  • Itasca (new 60-vine experiment)

Almost everyone on the vineyard crew will plant for the next three weeks.