We bottled the 2016 Iowa Nouveau last week. This is our first wine of the season. It is very fruity with cherry, blackberry, and a bit of plum. The color is garnet or brick red. The wine is smooth on the palate while still crisp. Plan to drink this wine while it is fresh and young.

We will be bottling another batch of our very popular Oskyfizzante® Pink this week.

The cellar team is focused on allowing several white wines to settle out. With some, they are using fining agents to speed the process along. They are focusing their work on Iowa Edelweiss, Iowa Brianna, Rockets Glare Rosé®, and Prelude.

We are especially enthusiastic about the great nose and palate offered by the 2016 Iowa Edelweiss. It has tropical flavors and hints of pineapple and grapefruit.

During the week of November 14–16, we will be processing the grapes we froze to make Iowa Prairie Snow®. We have been doing a lot of study on how to improve this wine. This year will be a test of our progress. We will keep you up to date on our progress.