A decanter will gently aerate dry red wines helping to tame big tannins before you drink them. I always pour a fancy big dry red wine into the decanter several hours before serving but usually forget to decant lesser dry wines to my own frustration later. I’ll drink about half the bottle the first night and am frequently disappointed by the wine. After it sits in the bottle (with the cork or cap back on) overnight, the wine is a totally new experience…and a much more satisfying wine.

Some of the Tassel Ridge wines that will benefit from aeration include:

  • American Merlot
  • American Reserve Merlot
  • Iowa Marquette (any vintage)
  • Iowa St. Croix

Tassel Ridge offers three different decanters and they all work the same. The only difference is stylistic. The Genie Decanter is physically very attractive but the Bordeaux and Perfect Decanters work just as well.

Enhance your dry red wine consumption experience with a Genie Decanter ($54.00), a Bordeaux Decanter ($40.00), or a Perfect Decanter ($30.00).