American-Steuben-12-100X1752013 American Steuben is a light, fruity, semi-sweet, easy-drinking style rosé with cherry and apple notes and just a hint of cinnamon on the nose and cherry and apple flavors on the palate with a slightly spicy, tangy finish. 2013 American Steuben is made entirely from Steuben grapes.

While 2013 American Steuben is perfect as an aperitif, it will also complement an Asian stir-fry, chicken salad, or enchiladas. It is best when served chilled.

Steuben grapes are part of the Vitis Labrusca family that is native to New England. In Iowa, Steuben tends to be a late harvest variety and it also has a tendency to not go into dormancy in the fall. When the first frost comes early, Steuben vines get injured and production the next year is limited. While we really like the flavors and spice in the juice, this variety is somewhat marginal for our location in Iowa.

2013 American Steuben is priced $14.00 per 750 ml bottle, plus tax and bottle deposit.