Our customers frequently tell us how special our wine is to them. One recently married woman said that her fiancé proposed to her over a bottle of Red, White, & Blue® and as a result, they drank a bottle of Red, White, & Blue® on the anniversary of their wedding each month during their first year of marriage!

If you know or can learn which Tassel Ridge wines your gift recipients like, you can get a case of wine and present it to them in an attractive Tassel Ridge Winery pine box. You can mix and match, or you can give them a case of just one wine. Note that our fizzy wines will not fit in the box (the bottle diameter on fizzy wines is larger than other bottles), but all other wines fit just fine.

Pay a visit to our Tasting Room and ask the staff to show you the Tassel Ridge pine gift box. You can taste the wines you put in the box before you make final decisions.