We received more Concord juice on Monday and as soon as the juice warms up, we will start the fermentation.

The cellar team bottled another batch of Red, White, & Blue® last week.

We prepared Oskyfizzante® for carbonation and we started that process last Friday, April 3. This batch will be bottled on Tuesday, April 7. This bottling will finish up our production of the Oskyfizzante® wines for the year. We get much better results if we can bottle these wines before the weather warms up and this year, we succeeded. The reason weather is an issue with fizzy wines is that if we can keep the bottles slightly chilled before filling, they don’t foam and fizz over while we fill. When it is cold, we just keep the empties outside on the dock. If it is hot, we have to use one of our reefer trucks and that is a hassle.