The cellar team is still fining some of our white wines to get them stabilized and ready to bottle. Prelude is now blended. It has subtle aromas and a big fruity finish on the palate. Rockets Glare Rosé® has also been blended and we are starting to cold stabilize it this week.

Iowa Prairie Snow® is still fermenting. This is our iced wine. We allow this wine to ferment to a point where there is still some sugar left. At that point, we stop the fermentation by reducing the tank temperature and by adding Potassium Metabisulfate, an anti-microbial that kills the yeast.

We will bottle the 2016 Iowa Edelweiss on December 7. It was filtered last week and it filled the cellar with wonderful tropical fruit aromas! We are excited about the Edelweiss this year.

We will bottle the 2016 Iowa Brianna on December 14 and are equally excited with this wine. We will let both the Edelweiss and Brianna settle for a couple of weeks before making it available to you.