Fizzy wines are a traditional way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Regardless of whether you are dining with a significant other or with a small group of friends, fizzy wines are the perfect foil for many foods. In fact, some wine experts think of fizzy wines as the most flexible and versatile wines to pair with foods. Perhaps, you just want to have a bottle ready for the count-down to midnight or maybe you are looking for the perfect host/hostess gift, a Tassel Ridge fizzy wine can fill the bill.

iowa fizzy winesTassel Ridge offers four different fizzy wines:

Oskyfizzanté® Iowa White, a medium sweet fizzy wine made entirely from Edelweiss grown in our Tassel Ridge vineyard.

Oskyfizzanté® Pink, a sweet pink fizzy wine made entirely from Catawba, one of America’s first great wines from the mid-19th Century.

Oskyfizzanté® Red, a sweet red fizzy wine made from a blend of grapes grown in our vineyards.

Oskyfizzanté® Cranberry, a sweet fizzy wine made entirely from cranberry juice.

So, make your New Year’s celebration better with a fizzy wine made in Iowa at Tassel Ridge Winery.

All Oskyfizzanté® fizzy wines are $14.00 each per 750 ml bottle, plus sales tax and bottle deposit.