The Cellar Team bottled Iowa Candleglow White last week. This is our new dry white blend that is growing in popularity. This week we will bottle Oskyfizzante Cranberry. This is a seasonal wine that we will put on sale in October. We are fermenting a batch of Red, White, & Blue® and the Blackberry Wine is done fermenting and will be racked off lees this week.

Mark, our Cellar and Facilities Manager, waxed rhapsodic on the Iowa Candleglow White that was bottled last week. He said, “We get to know each variety, batch, and style that goes into a blend. A given wine’s subtle variations on the same theme are endlessly intriguing as you work out the different aromas and flavors presented. A good symphony played by different orchestras led by different conductors is a good metaphor. The Iowa Candleglow White we bottled last week is a great example. This bottling has bright citrus tones with a finish that lingers and gently fades like Copland’s Appalachian Spring.”

Mark and Lew, our Cellar Technician, are also working on several miscellaneous repairs. Mark is working on preparing for an ISO spot audit and on getting food safety documentation complete.