The cellar team filtered and bottled Candleglow® Red. This wine offers raspberry and plum aromas and flavors on the palate and has great jammy characteristics and a nice finish.

We began to cold stabilize a batch of Red, White, & Blue® by chilling the wine down to 25°F and then adding cream of tartar at the top of the tank. We mix it with a Guth mixer which we can insert into the two inch port in the side of the tank. The Guth is like a giant hand mixer. This process takes six hours, and it allows the cream of tartar to get thoroughly mixed in the wine. The cream of tartar draws out the tartrates and anything that is not stable in the wine. The end result is a clear, crisp wine.

We filtered the cream of tartar out of the Iowa Prairie Snow®. This wine has pineapple and apricot aromas, and it has citrus notes on the palate. It has a long finish and good balance between sweetness and acidity. We will bottle it soon.

Next week, we will receive more Concord and Catawba juice and expect to do one bottling run and possibly some barrel work.

Jonita, our Cellar Assistant, paired Chinese takeout from Hy-Vee with Steuben and felt the experience was awesome! Every sip of Steuben resulted in different flavors. She says that Steuben is growing on her. Of course, takeout with no cooking but just eating and drinking may have made everything taste better!