Last week, our cellar team finished cold stabilizing the 2015 Iowa Nouveau. It is a very fruit forward wine and will be enjoyable to drink. This year, the fruit is so big that it is also a mouth filling wine. That is not usually the case with Nouveau. We will bottle the 2015 Iowa Nouveau on Wednesday, October 28.

We racked our Edelweiss off the fining agents and prepared White Blossom and the 2015 Iowa Edelweiss for cold stabilization. When it gets cold enough, we will add Cream of Tartar to cold stabilize both wines. Both the White Blossom and Edelweiss are very smooth and have lots of tropical aromas.

We racked the Iowa St. Croix after completion of fermentation and will do some fining to help settle out the sediment that forms naturally. This will help us heat stabilize this wine.

By the way, when we “rack” a wine, it means that we move a wine from the tank it is in, leaving behind any sediment in the bottom of the tank. We drain out the sediment into our waste water processing system and then wash the tank out to get it ready for another batch of wine.

Finally, we racked the Sabrevois off the yeast lees. This wine has a great nose. We will be adding fining agents to the Sabrevois to help us reach our goal of making Rockets Glare Rosé® with Sabrevois.

Jonita, our Cellar Specialist, enjoyed a bottle of Iowa Cuvée 220 with grilled sausage sliders and found that the wine and sliders complemented each other perfectly. The spice in the sausage brought great flavor to the wine and vice versa.