For the past 3–4 weeks, the Cellar Crew has focused on fermentations. They are all finished now. All of our fermentations went well with no funky smells or tastes. Now, we’ve moved to the creative, sensory work of tasting and experimenting.

The next step with each wine is fining, and here is where the experimenting in the lab happens. We will have a suspicion of the best way forward but we will test it first in the lab.

Jonita, our Cellar Assistant, really likes the 2015 Iowa Nouveau. This wine has a big fruity nose with plum, cherry, and berry on the nose and palate. It is very soft with a bit of spice on the finish. We plan to bottle the 2015 Iowa Nouveau at the end of October.

We are currently blending other wines and doing bench trials in the lab. Overall, our fruit this year is the best it has ever been. Most of our wines have great fruity aromas.

We filled the barrels with the 2015 Tawny Finalé and this wine will remain there for five years. We currently have four different vintages of Tawny in barrels with the oldest dating back to 2012. It is very interesting to see how this wine changes from year to year.

We continue to receive rave reviews on our new Candleglow® White. Jonita decided to share a bottle and an assortment of cheeses with some friends. It provided a very pleasant combination.