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Cellar Team Bottles Edelweiss This Week, Star Spangled White® Next Week

The Cellar Team will bottle Edelweiss on Thursday. Because this bottle is taller and thinner than our regular bottles, we must change the feed screws, star wheels, and related guides to accommodate the “Hoch” bottle. This takes about four man-hours to change, and then, after the run, we have to change it back so we can bottle Star Spangled White® next week.

We scheduled major maintenance on our Tasting Room and kitchen floors for the first week of January. In the Tasting Room, we are doing a deep buffing of our hardwood floors that will be followed with the application of a light varnish. We hope to prolong the life of the floor by 5–6 years. In the kitchen, we are putting down a solids-filled epoxy on Tuesday followed by a solids-filled polyurethane on Wednesday. The solid is like a sand that leaves the floor with a slip-resistant surface. And, the polyurethane wears really well. It will make cleaning much easier.

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