In the two to three weeks that remain before harvest, the cellar crew works hard to finish up any remaining bottling, get the cellar spic and span, and then do any preventative maintenance on cellar equipment that will be used during harvest.

This week, we will be bottling one of the last Red, White, & Blue® batches for this year.

The cellar crew is pressure washing the wall and under the tanks to eliminate any mold or fungus that has grown in places where it is wet.

We will have the chiller system subjected to a thorough preventative maintenance inspection this week. Our scales will be tested and certified. We will have our Mettler Toledo titration instrument tested and calibrated. And, we’ll be cleaning out our shed at Tassel Ridge so we have space for all of our macro bins.

Soon, we will be moving the equipment used only during harvest from our warehouse in Oskaloosa and will be performing our preventative maintenance on this equipment.

Harvest should start sometime after August 22.