We received a batch of Concord juice from Upstate New York last week. It will be used to make Red, White, & Blue®. The temperature of the juice when it arrived was 35°F so we will wait until it gets to about 50°F to begin fermentation.

The cellar team carbonated and bottled a 150 case batch of Oskyfizzante® Iowa White. This wine is very fruity with hints of pineapple, mango, and pear.

We also started fermentations of Cranberry Wine and American Pink Catawba last week and they are moving along very nicely.

Finally, the cellar team filtered Prelude and will be bottling this wine on Wednesday, December 16. This will be our last bottling of 2015.

Jonita took home a bottle of Iowa Cuvée 220 and brought it out during a Christmas gathering. She paired it with an assortment of different cheeses and bread. It was a smashing hit.