This is the time of year that we are receiving regular shipments of Concord and Catawba juice. Because of the weather, it is pretty cold when it arrives so we have to let it warm up before we can inoculate the juice with yeast to start the fermentation. The Winery will smell very “grapey” when this wine is fermenting.

On Tuesday, the cellar team bottled Oskyfizzante® Red. The color is great and it tastes really good.

They bottled a new wine―Candleglow® White on Wednesday. This wine has a big “nose” and it filled the Winery with pineapple and citrus while we were bottling. This dry white wine has a long finish so that we were getting great flavors for several minutes after we tasted Candleglow® White. We will lay this wine down for a few months before releasing it.

Between bottling runs, the cellar team filtered the next batch of Red, White, & Blue® and moved several wines to new tanks in order to allow solids to settle out.