Last week on Monday, we added sugar to 2015 Iowa Brianna and on Tuesday, we filtered the wine. On Wednesday, we bottled 73 cases. The 2015 Iowa Brianna has a beautiful nose and is amazing on the palate with pineapple and mango notes with a fruity citrus finish.

We racked the Oskyfizzante® Iowa White (racking means moving the wine from one tank to another, leaving behind any sediment at the bottom of the tank) at a cold temperature (about 25°F). We let it warm up, added sugar on Wednesday, and filtered the wine on Thursday. We then returned it to the carbonation tank where we started chilling the wine. We began carbonation yesterday. We can’t wait to taste this wine after carbonation.

We racked the St. Croix off sediment and will use this wine in a blend in the upcoming weeks.

We received Cranberry and Pink Catawba juice from Upstate New York and we will start fermentation when they warm up.