Summer is heating up, and it’s time to start thinking about treats to help you cool down. Try a twist on a classic ice cream sundae by topping a bowl of creamy vanilla ice cream with one of Tassel Ridge Winery’s chocolate or caramel sauces. We offer three different sauces: In The Dark Chocolate Sauce, In The Dark Chocolate Fudge, and Candlelight Caramel Sauce.

Made with Tassel Ridge In The Dark wine, the In The Dark Chocolate Sauce creates a silky, creamy topping for a bowl of ice cream. This sauce is available at the Winery in two sizes: a 5 oz. bottle is $10 and a 375ml bottle is $17.50.

If you are in the mood for something more decadent, warm up a little In The Dark Chocolate Fudge which contains In The Dark wine and rich dark chocolate fudge. Available for purchase at the Winery, a 9 oz. jar is $10.

Chocolate SaucesSM

Tassel Ridge wines add additional flavor to our ice cream sauces.

If chocolate isn’t your favorite, top your sundae with Candlelight Caramel Sauce. This sauce combines golden caramel with Tassel Ridge Candlelight wine to create a delicious caramel sauce. If you’re a fan of both flavors, try drizzling a little caramel with some In The Dark Chocolate Sauce for a delectable turtle sundae. A 9 oz. jar of Candlelight Caramel Sauce is $10 at the Winery.

Sprinkle a handful of your favorite salted nuts over your sundae and don’t forget the cherry!