As you plan your holiday weekend grilling, consider adding a dry red wine from Tassel Ridge Winery to complement your steak and sweet corn. Iowa Marquette is the perfect dry red to pair with grilled meats. It is a big wine with cherry, blackberry, and spice notes. It will make a great meal even better.

Tassel Ridge offers three vintages of Iowa Marquette: the 2010 with dark fruit notes, the 2013 with lighter cherry notes, and the 2012 with some of both characteristics. You can taste all three vintages at the Winery and decide which one you like best. The differences between vintages are the result of different growing conditions each year.

Tassel Ridge Iowa Marquette is available at the Winery and at some of our 400 retailers in Iowa. If you don’t see Iowa Marquette at your favorite store, ask the manager to get it for you.

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