Make hosting your next football party easy with Tassel Ridge dipping oils, a baguette of French bread, and one of our nine rosé wines.

Dipping Oils with Bread

We offer six different dipping oils: Spice It Up, Roasted Garlic, Traditional Italian, Tomato Basil, Herb It Up, and Jalapeno Cilantro. Your guests will dip pieces of bread in the dipping oil they put on their plates and wash it all down with a Tassel Ridge rosé.

In my opinion, the best bread is a piece of a French baguette or sour dough loaf. I like to purchase them partially baked from the grocery store and then heat the loaf at about 400°F for 8-10 minutes. It comes out of the oven smelling like freshly baked bread. Yum! Freshly baked bread and “Italian butter.” Complement the bread and dipping oil with a Tassel Ridge Rosé and life just doesn’t get any better!

So, why use a rosé? The spice in the dipping oil calls for more body than is offered by a white wine whereas a red wine will overpower the flavors in the bread and dipping oil. The big issue in selecting the right rosé for you and your guests is to determine how sweet you want the wine to be. My preference is a dry wine; however, others prefer some sweetness.

Here is a list of the Tassel Ridge rosés ranging from dry to sweet:

  • Iowa Marquette Rosé
  • Iowa St. Croix Rosé
  • American Pink Catawba
  • Oskyfizzante® Red
  • Sweet Roxie Red®
  • American Steuben
  • Oskyfizzante® Pink
  • Cranberry Wine
  • Rockets Glare Rosé

Preparation for serving a rosé with a dipping oil and freshly baked bread is easy and fast! The partially baked bread takes ten minutes in the oven and a couple of minutes to cool before you cut it. While the bread is baking, open the dipping oil bottle (it comes with a pour spout), get the plates out, and open your favorite Tassel Ridge rosé. Best of all, your guests will regard you as a hero for serving something so tasty.

Tassel Ridge dipping oils are priced at $18.50 and are available at the Winery. Come in and taste before you purchase.