Need suggestions for holiday gifts? Stop by the Tassel Ridge Winery Gift Shop and check out these ideas, plus find many others!


Iowa In the Dark is a Nice Food Pairing Wine
Iowa In the Dark is a dry, light red with strawberry notes and toasty oak on the nose and palate followed by hints of caramel on the finish. A nice food pairing wine, try it with lightly seasoned meat. $20 per bottle.








Chilling Tassel Ridge Wines Quickly
Have you ever been ready to serve guests, only to discover that you’d forgotten to chill the wines you had planned to pour? Just add ice to the Cooper Cooler and chill a bottle down to 50°F in 3–5 minutes or to 40°F in 6 minutes. It will also chill pop and beer cans. $90. (Wine sold separately.)







A Decanter Can Help to Enhance Dry Red Wines
Aerating wine is one of the best ways to “open up” or soften a big, full-bodied dry red wine. However, simply opening the bottle an hour before serving doesn’t expose the wine to the amount of air needed to have any real influence on the wine. To effectively aerate a wine, you need to decant it. As you pour the wine into the decanter, it picks up oxygen which “opens up” and enhances both the aroma and the flavor of the wine. For example, Tassel Ridge American Merlot is one of those big, full-bodied red wines that will “open up” nicely when you decant it. The decanter is $40.

(And remember to include a decanter brush for easy cleaning—$7.95.)





Opening Up Aromas with an Aerator
Need to shorten the time it takes to for a dry red wine to breath and “open up” releasing its aromas and flavors? Try an aerator! Aerators add air immediately, softening tannins, and improving flavors.

For the red wine lover who wants to release the aromas from their dry reds, try this Aervana aerator. $100. (Wine sold separately.)







Tassel Ridge Winery Gift Certificates Make Great Gifts
Are you looking for the perfect wine gift, but don’t know what kind of wine to buy? Or, maybe you think something from the gift shop would be more appropriate. Tassel Ridge Winery gift certificates in denominations of $25 will let your lucky friend or relative select just what they want.