Finalé Bonbons Are a Yummy Combination of Fine Chocolate and Tassel Ridge Finalé

Finalé Bonbons are once again available at the Winery. We offer two bonbons: one is dark chocolate covered and filled with a Finalé Raspberry cream filling and the other is milk chocolate covered and filled with a Finalé Blackberry cream filling. These bonbons are made for Tassel Ridge Winery by Chocolaterie Stam in Des Moines.

Finalé Bonbons from Tassel Ridge Winery make an outstanding gift.

We offer two packages. A sleeve with four bonbons is priced at $6.00. A box with 15 bonbons is priced at $19.00. Both are available for purchase now at Tassel Ridge Winery.

Category : Gift Shop Posted on June 17, 2015

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