Iowa Brianna was bottled last week. This is a fruit forward wine with pear, kiwi, and other tropical notes. During filtration, the cellar was filled with a wonderful aroma. We hope to release this wine in January as soon as it recovers from bottle shock.

We will bottle Iowa Steuben on Wednesday, December 21. At this point, the Steuben is very light and fruity with a big mouth feel and a finish that hints of cinnamon.

For the rest of this month, our cellar team will be working on wines that will be bottled in January. They will also be doing some barrel work, including moving the 2016 Tawny Finalé from a tank to a neutral barrel where it will rest for five years.

Jonita, our Cellar Specialist, says that she will be enjoying Iowa Cuvée 220 while she waits for Santa Claus!