Iowa-Marquette100X175Iowa Marquette is a dry red wine with well integrated soft tannins, hints of cherry and blackberry, and spices on the palate. It is made from Marquette grapes grown in our Mahaska County vineyards. We offer 2009, 2010, and 2012 Iowa Marquette so you can taste three vintages of this wine and decide which you like the best. Each of these vintages were aged in French oak for one year and then in a mixture of French, Eastern European, and American oak barrels for 11 more months. Iowa Marquette pairs well with steak or prime rib.

Marquette is a new Northern Grape variety that was developed at the University of Minnesota and released in 2006. Tassel Ridge planted the first Marquette in Iowa in 2007 and the 2009 Iowa Marquette is the first wine made from these grapes.

2009, 2010, and 2012 Iowa Marquette are priced at $25.00 per 750 ml bottles. If you don’t see these wines at your favorite store, ask the manager to get them for you.