Herb it Up Marquette Rose-350XTreat your guests this summer to Iowa Marquette Rosé from Tassel Ridge Winery, one of our dipping oils, and a warmed up loaf of sourdough French bread from your local grocery store. The Iowa Marquette Rosé is a dry pink wine with raspberry, cherry, and strawberry notes on the palate and is made from Marquette grapes grown in our Mahaska County vineyards. Our dipping oils are olive oil infused with spices and herbs. Some people call them “Italian butter.” The flavors in the Iowa Marquette Rosé combine beautifully to complement the flavorful dipping oils.

Tassel Ridge Iowa Marquette Rosé and several different dipping oils are available at the Winery. If you prefer a sweeter rosé, select from several other wines ranging from slightly sweet to very sweet.

Iowa Marquette Rosé is priced at $15 per bottle plus tax and bottle deposit.