The new Iowa Prairie Snow® is dark amber in color and is a sweet, iced wine made from grapes picked at the peak of perfection and then frozen after harvest. With its concentrated notes of apple, pear, and nectarine on the nose followed by honey, apple, pear, and peach on the palate, Iowa Prairie Snow® is best sipped with or as dessert. Serve this wine well chilled with an apple tart or a lemon dessert.

Iowa Prairie Snow® makes an elegant gift for the wine lover. It is packaged in the tall slender Futura or Bellissima bottle and can be included in gift baskets or given separately. It is available at the Winery (ask for a taste of Iowa Prairie Snow®) and at a growing number of our retailers.

Iowa Prairie Snow® is priced at $29 for a 375 ml bottle, plus tax and bottle deposit.