Although we ran out of Iowa Prairie Snow® at the Winery several months ago, there are a few bottles available in some of our retailers. To help our customers who like this very popular iced wine, we are gathering names and locations as our sales reps find Iowa Prairie Snow® on the shelves. We have been deleting the names of stores where this wine has sold out and now the list is getting short.

Here is an update to our list:

  • Boone—Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits – 5 bottles
  • Conrad—Something to Share  2 bottles
  • Des Moines—Ingersoll Wine & Spirits – 5 bottles
  • Dyersville—Finest Grains – 3 bottles
  • Lawler—Buckey’s – 3 bottle
  • Radcliffe—It’s All Good – 2 bottles
  • Shellsburg—Devine Decadents – 1 bottle