Jonita will speak at Grandfather’s Barn at the Iowa State Fair about La Crescent on Wednesday. Come and see us.

The floors in the cellar are squeaky clean after Jonita and her crew got them cleaned within an inch of their lives. I find that I can walk into a wine cellar and smell whether it is clean. The Tassel Ridge cellar is CLEAN!

We will bottle a batch of Oskyfizzante® Cranberry on Tuesday. This will be the last wine to be bottled before harvest. We will be testing Brianna and Marquette grapes on Monday to see how the acids are dropping and the sugar is increasing. This is just the first test we will do on these grapes. It will help us determine how close to harvest we actually are.

We will be bringing over the elevator, de-stemmer crusher, and various pumps this week and will then grease and perform preventative maintenance on the crush-pad equipment. Then, we will move wine left over from last year into the smallest tanks that will accommodate each batch.