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Tassel Ridge Wine Bottle Cooler will help a chilled wine cool.

Wine Bottle Cooler: Are you looking for a way to keep your wine chilled without the mess of an ice bucket? Skip the ice bucket and put your favorite Tassel Ridge wine in an iceless Wine Bottle Cooler, available for $18.00 at the Tassel Ridge Winery Gift Shop. Simply place your already chilled bottle of wine in the cooler and the double-walled insulation will provide a unique air barrier to keep your wine perfectly chilled. This wine chiller is perfect for keeping your wine chilled on the deck or patio during summer get-togethers, while grilling, or at the campground.

 Chill Gel Totes_H
Tassel Ridge Gel Totes are a convenient way to keep wine cool for picnics or days on the lake.

Chill Gel Totes: Chill a bottle of wine and keep it chilled with a convenient gel tote in a bright, summery color. These bags fold up and chill in the refrigerator or freezer without taking up too much space. When you’re ready to leave for dinner at a friend’s, a day on the boat, or a picnic in the park, take the tote out of the refrigerator and place your favorite bottle of chilled Tassel Ridge wine inside. Your wine will stay chilled and be ready to drink when you arrive at your destination. Choose from one of four colors: Green, pink, clear, or blue. These totes are convenient and efficient and they make a great gift. Available for $8.00 per tote at the Tassel Ridge Winery Gift Shop.


The Cooper Cooler is the fast way to chill down a bottle of wine.

Cooper Cooler: Chill wine ten times faster than in the freezer with the Cooper Cooler. One bottle of wine will go from room temperature to perfectly chilled in six minutes. The Cooper Cooler is great for times when you just don’t have the space in the refrigerator to chill a bottle of wine. If you are planning a party or have guests that show up unannounced, you can serve a delicious glass of wine in minutes with help from the Cooper Cooler. The Cooper Cooler is convenient to use wherever you go; it works great for tailgating, boating, and camping. Chill more than just your favorite bottle of Tassel Ridge wine―cool off a can of soda cooper cooleror a bottle of water or juice for the kids in less than two minutes. You can even use the Cooper Cooler to warm a baby bottle without breaking down the formula or milk ingredients, and it works in two minutes. Cooper Coolers are $90 each and available at the Tassel Ridge Winery Gift Shop. 120 Volts AC supply required.