Our cellar team has been hard at work bottling new wines from the 2016 harvest. The following wines have been bottled and released for sale:

  • 2016 Iowa Edelweiss
  • 2016 Iowa Brianna
  • 2016 Iowa Steuben

We hold back most wines for at least 3–4 weeks in order to allow them to recover from bottle shock. We can release sweeter wines quicker, but dry reds, for example, must be held for about six months prior to release. Also, if we still have wine from a previous vintage, we will wait for the older vintage to sell through before releasing the new vintage.

Each year the vintage is different because weather conditions change and the vine gets a year older. And, we are comparing a brand new wine against one that has been in the bottle for about a year. Bottle aging does make a difference.

Our 2016 Iowa Steuben harvest was very small, so we have a limited quantity of this wine this year. If you like the Iowa Steuben, this would be a good time to stock up. We have more of the 2016 Iowa Edelweiss, however this wine will probably run out before the 2017 vintage arrives. Finally, we enjoyed our best harvest of Brianna ever, so we should have enough 2016 Iowa Brianna to last for the entire year.