This week, we will finish removing trees at Meadowcreek and we hope to finish painting the tops of posts at Meadowcreek.

We will be spraying fungicide at Meadowcreek and herbicide at Maple Woods and in the front of Newport Lane Vineyard.

The process of vines hardening off for winter is gradual starting in mid-August. New growth from 2015 develops a tough outside layer that gets more protective as the weather gradually cools. This year, we have not yet experienced our first killing frost yet but the vines are getting ready. In fact, they look like they are saying, “It’s time for a long winter’s sleep, NOW!” Some of the leaves have dropped and have all turned dark brown. A good wind will blow them off at this point.

Our vineyard staff is now starting to leave for the winter. We will have just three people until Thanksgiving, then just our Vineyard Manager will be at work on planning and equipment maintenance until we start pruning in early March.