American Pink Catawba is a refreshing, semi-sweet, fruity rosé with pineapple and other tropical fruit aromas and green apple and citrus flavors on the palate. Made entirely from Catawba grapes, American Pink Catawba is a great sipping wine or pair with barbecue or picnic foods like cold meats or cold fried chicken. Serve chilled.

In the 1840’s, farmers started growing Catawba grapes in Northern Ohio which was the “West” at the time. The wine made from these grapes quickly became America’s favorite wine. It was sweet and very fruity and was so popular on the East Coast that enterprising winemakers started entering it in competitions on the East Coast of the U.S. and later in World Fairs in Europe. By the 1850’s, Catawba had won many medals and was clearly America’s leading wine. You can relive American wine history as you sip this very popular wine. 

American Pink Catawba is available at Tassel Ridge Winery and at some of our over 400 retailers in Iowa. If you don’t see American Pink Catawba at your favorite retailer, ask the manager to get it for you.

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