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Picnic Stix Make it Easy to Enjoy Wine in the Outdoors

Are you planning a summer picnic or camping trip? If you plan to bring your favorite bottle of Tassel Ridge wine along, be sure to pick up a set of Picnic Stix from the Tassel Ridge Winery Gift Shop. These stakes are simple yet brilliant: they keep your wine bottle and glasses safe and sound whilst stuck into nature’s less-than-perfect terrain. Whether you’re enjoying your wine in the grass, on the sand, or around the campfire, don’t leave home without your Picnic Stix.

Picnic-Stix-with-Box500XPicnic Stix are back by customer request.

Picnic Stix are available at the Tassel Ridge Winery Gift Shop for $14.00 per set. One set includes one bottle stake and two glass stakes (wine and glasses not included).

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