With more than 38,000 vines over 75 acres, pruning is a BIG job for us. We are still working on the Edelweiss at Tassel Ridge. We finished machine pruning at Tassel Ridge on Saturday and will move the pruning equipment to Meadowcreek so we can machine prune the La Crescent this week. We will start applying the lime-sulfur spray and herbicide this week.

We’ve been asked numerous times if the recent cold weather that followed a warm period will hurt the vines. Buds are starting to swell and had the temperatures dropped below 28°F, we might have had some primary bud damage. But, it didn’t get cold enough to do any damage. In fact, because the cold spell did slow the bud development, it will probably help protect the vines if we do get more cold weather over the next 3–4 weeks. So far, everything is looking good.