Although we remain wary of unseasonably warm weather, we are forging ahead with pruning varieties that usually bud late. We’ve started with Edelweiss and will finish Edelweiss by mid-week. We long pruned our Edelweiss with our V-Mech mechanical pruning system (click here for brief video) and will remove long canes by hand, leaving our Edelweiss ready for short pruning closer to the end of April. We have about 9,300 Edelweiss vines so mechanization saves lots of time.

We are also still spraying sulfur. It is a stinky job (sulfur smells like rotten eggs) but it is important to thoroughly cover the trunks, cordon, and all canes of the vine to kill fungi that may have overwintered on the vine.

Our next varieties to prune will be the St. Pepin and LaCrosse, which are located at our Meadowcreek Vineyard.