We have finished pruning all of our vineyards, but in the process, discovered that some varieties in one of our vineyards are showing signs of damage from herbicide drift. This is the first time we’ve experienced damage from herbicide drift and we’ve gotten help from the experts to sort out what was sprayed and where it was sprayed. The vines in question weren’t killed, however, we will probably have to drop the fruit on some of the varieties to allow the vines to recover.

Each vineyard presents different problems. This year, our Meadowcreek Vineyard exhibits clear signs of gopher damage, whereas at Maple Woods, the problem is rabbits. Each problem invites a different solution.

Overall, and in spite of the issues outlined above, our vines are looking considerably better than they did two years ago. Flower buds are large and look very healthy and most of our vines are very vigorous.

Our new vines should arrive this week and if the weather allows, on Friday we will start planting vines to replace those that died in past years.