Our vineyard crew is finishing up pruning of our Marquette at Meadowcreek. Actually, we pruned last week using our V-Mech system and then we need to go back on foot and pull out all of the canes that are tangled up and don’t fall to the ground by themselves. With about nine acres of Marquette, this takes some time.

Later this week, the team will move to Tassel Ridge Vineyard where the three person pruning team will mechanically prune our 17 acres of Edelweiss. While they are doing that, one person will check trellis wires to make sure they are tight so that the pruning team can do their job. This is a seasonal task because we loosen the wires in the fall and now it is time to tighten them again. After the pruning is done, everyone will work on pulling canes that have hung up in the trellis out of the canopy. This will take about two weeks.

We are still looking for two seasonal vineyard workers to work until early October.