Now that we understand how efficiently we will be able to prune with our V-Mech pruning system and also because of the recent high temperatures, we have shifted our vineyard crew to work on getting Meadowcreek and Newport Lane Vineyards ready for the V-Mech. That translates to tying vines up and making sure that the pencil rods that keep the vine trunks straight are straight themselves and are pounded in the right height.

We’ve completed long pruning all of our Marquette and La Crescent vines. That always takes a long time because the Marquette vines are extremely vigorous.

We are happy to see some cooler weather because the warm days and nights were causing buds on the vines to swell. Pruning stimulates growth out at the ends of the canes so the warm weather was causing us to engage in a bit of a dance to the tune of “do we prune or do we wait?” We’ve decided to get vines ready for pruning without doing any more pruning for a couple of weeks.