This week, we will continue to clean out the canes we have cut with the mechanical pruner in our Edelweiss and Sabrevois at Tassel Ridge. We have about 20 acres or 11,000 vines of these grape varieties so this project is taking some time.

So far, we’ve gotten the nine acres of Marquette long pruned and cleaned out. All of Tassel Ridge is now machine pruned and all but the LaCrescent in Meadowcreek Vineyard is machine pruned.

This leaves the 22 acres of vines at Newport Lane and Maple Woods that need to be machine pruned and cleaned out. We will start short pruning in late April as soon as we gain some confidence that we are not likely to have another killing freeze. Short pruning goes fast so we only need a week or so to finish that work. We will receive about 750 new rooted cuttings that we will plant starting in mid-May.